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Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

North Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes from ferry

About Us

Arrow Lakes Developments Ltd (ALDL) is owned by the L. Moir Family Trust of Calgary, AB. ALDL was incorporated to develop properties on Arrow Lakes, the first being Galena Shores and the second is Fortunes Landing.

Our Mission

To provide spectacular waterfront properties to our investors at founder's prices.

How do we do this? We provide purchasers the ability to acquire waterfront properties at the very earliest stages. This decreases our risk and in turn the price needed by our investors to make their waterfront acquisition is greatly reduced.

Company Personnel

• Director, Lindsay Moir, Calgary, AB – 15 years of real estate and development, 30 years of business experience. ALDL is Mr. Moir’s 4th venture. The other 3 are:

  • United Bioinformatica Inc. is a life sciences company that distributes software and products to scientists doing genetic research. Mr. Moir started the company in 2002 and in 2011 it has over 400 customers in Canada.
  • RightsMarket Inc. a Digital Rights Management (DRM) company. DRM is software that encrypts, authorizes, and meters the use of digital property (music, movies, books, photos, etc.). Mr. Moir started the company in 1993 took RightsMarket public in 1996 and left the company in 2001 when RightsMarket had a market cap of over $100 million.
  • GTL Alberta Ltd. is undertaking a project to convert natural gas to liquid fuel. Consumers of liquid fuels pay dramatically lower prices. Producers of natural gas achieve world oil prices.

• Advisory Board Member, Gordon Moir, Cochrane, AB – 30 years of real estate and development experience, 50 years of business experience. Gordon has developed properties in Calgary AB, Cochrane AB, and Denton TX (just outside of Dallas). Developments include:

  • Tudor Mews (70 town houses and a 190 suite apartment)
  • 25 lot subdivisions in Cochrane
  • a 130 acre parcel in Texas and
  • 100 acres outside of Cochrane, AB

Gordon started Moir Realty Ltd. In 1967 with his wife Mae Moir and they were both members of the Calgary Real Estate Board for over 30 years.