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Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

North Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes


Galena Shores was available as a Limited Partnership but has now gone into the marketing to the general public phase. Fortunes Landing is available at the investor stage effective January 1, 2011.

Fortunes Landing

Arrow Lakes Developments Ltd. (ALDL) with Fortune's Landing provides an answer to the challenge of expensive waterfront property. This solution has several parts to it but during and at the end of the process you receive:

  • 100' of flat sandy waterfront frontage
  • 1 acre lot
  • No building commitment
  • Trivial carrying costs
  • You are on the title now and in the future. It is your land.
  • The price is less than $100,000.

For further information on Fortunes Landing please go to the website.

Galena Shores

This is a Limited Partnership with Arrow Lakes Developments Ltd. (ALDL) as the General Partner (GP) and individual investors as the Limited Partners (LP).

The original investment was over subscribed and closed on May 1, 2007.  It raised $3.3 million, had 22 investors at $150,000 each, and each investor was entitled to a waterfront or view lot. 

With these funds we acquired the property and gained all approvals necessary for a 60 lot waterfront and view subdivision.  The If Sold Value (ISV) of the development is now in excess of $14 million.  If you wish to acquire one of the waterfront or view lots in this development please go to the Galena Shores website.